Few people have that combination of clear market insight and deliverable business impact. Julia is one of that rare breed, translating market insight into practical commercial strategies and then to tangible action. Over my career I have had the pleasure to engage with Julia on a number of occasions. In each case, she has helped me clear various hurdles and roadblocks with characteristic ease. Engaging in her characteristically consultative manner, she maintains a calm, relatable style: Open-minded, actively listening, asking pertinent questions while bringing disparate stakeholder viewpoints together, and then hitting with focussed accuracy on the nub of the matter. She has strong commercial acumen, drive and the ability to empower and bring people along with her. Julia is an invaluable sounding board no matter how thorny the challenge.
European General Counsel

Private Equity Firm

Julia is an inspirational leader and businesswomen who I have been lucky to know in various guises for over 10 years: As a colleague, where she pioneered the professionalisation of Strategy, Business Development & MarComs within the Firm. As a client, where she almost single-handedly transformed an ad hoc client relationship, into true partnership across a range of complex stakeholders. As an advocate and ambassador in the market for Inclusion & Diversity.

What has been consistent across all this time is Julia’s leadership approach: Strong strategic intuitive understanding of the commercial business drivers; exceptional influencing and consensus building ability; foresight to spot emerging market trends; and early advocate for issues such as: Inclusion & Diversity and Sustainable Business, that are only now more mainstream. Julia is a person of exceptional integrity, she walks the talk, and shines the light on others so that they may grow and thrive.

Global COO

Investment Bank

Engaging with Julia has been a joy. I am always searching for strategic perspectives and valuable points of difference in our engagements and Julia is squarely in that space. That turns on Julia’s ability to be right on point with the critical developments and trends within ESG and sustainability – and elegantly translating that into practical inputs that cover leading internal teams, supply chain management and the outcompeting the market. Terrific.

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Real Estate

Julia brings to her work the benefit of a deep understanding of the changing expectations of global buyers of legal services and from her executive career, what it takes to influence engagement within a firm.  She helped me shift more into a client centric mindset, identify the client needs and from there articulate how we as a firm, and I personally, can best differentiate our services.  This enabled me to build my confidence and personal leadership style.  Capturing my top tips for success, gave me an ongoing guide to use in practice.


M&A International White Shoe Firm, Beijing

Julia has brought tremendous market insight to the board and has provided expert guidance on how we can incorporate Sustainability & ESG into our strategy, in a way that focuses on our most material opportunities and issues. This is helping drive our market leading position, demonstrating to our clients, people and wider stakeholders that we understand the ESG challenges and opportunities, whether it be around D&I or transitioning to Net Zero, and are applying our mission of ‘difficult done well’ to the most pressing global challenges.
Warren Downey

CEO, Specialist Risk Group

Julia is an inspiring leader who always grasps the bigger picture. A natural and ready listener who excels at bringing complex (often superficially conflicting) viewpoints together to then drive forward consensus-led action. A natural influencer, she balances emotional intelligence and data-driven logic with an instinctive flair and intuition. Her consulting approach combines optimism with objective analysis and critical thinking with sound judgment. Julia’s optimism, drive and team orientation came as a breath of fresh air when I have needed to call on her assistance. I cannot recommend her enough.
EMEA General Counsel


I have found Julia to be a true team worker with a Firm first mentality; collegiate and caring; incredibly capable, as she grew in seniority in the firm, of joining the dots. Her command of subject matters is impressive as she will take the time to study and consider not just the bigger picture, but the detail that it takes to develop it. Her understanding of our market and how it fits into our clients’ needs is the best I have ever seen. She is an excellent presenter (even to a crowd of 700+ law firm partners!). She is a consummate professional. And last, but not least, she is a pleasure to work with and a fun and positive person to be around.
Executive Committee Member

Global Law Firm

Julia is an excellent strategist and leader. She is great at helping executive teams see and prioritise the big-picture opportunities and at creating practical roadmaps for developing the business. I’ve seen her chart a path successfully through many complex organisational issues with tremendous versatility and impact. And she has been a fantastic coach and guide for many, many people in the business, myself included.
Global Strategy & Marketing Director

Global Law Firm

Julia is a natural collaborator, connector and communicator. I always find Julia’s guidance on strategic issues to be insightful, clear and articulate.
Managing Partner London

Global Law Firm

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