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Leaders face unprecedented pressure to deliver both strategic and operational results, at a time when the context around them has fundamentally changed.

Familiar ways of working, support networks and success measures are changing.

At the same time there are new leadership opportunities, assignments and positions available. Leaders facing these new opportunities or positions may feel daunted and under pressure to make a quick impact and achieve positive commercial results.

Under such pressure, leaders can tend to rely on what has worked well for them in the past and struggle to find the space and time to reflect afresh about their goals, the new resources available to them and the mindsets and behaviours to build upon, or let go, to reach their goals.

Whether you are in an established leadership position, transitioning into a new position or seeking further leadership opportunities, Julia can help you achieve your goals.

Coaching Approach & Context

Julia is passionate about enabling professionals to achieve their full leadership potential and influence by developing their self-awareness, confidence and skills to effect sustainable growth, for themselves and their organisations.

She brings over 20 years global and local executive and non-executive board level experience, an understanding of the commercial client facing pressures and the organisational and power dynamics within legal and professional services. Julia harnesses, but is not directed by, her extensive executive and non-executive leadership experience with individuals and executive teams. A curiosity, openness and focus on strengths run through her work.

Julia is an experienced, certified Meyler Campbell* Executive coach since 2007.

Contact Julia at julia@jhayhoe.com

Coaching Services:
Leadership Role Transition
Client Team Leadership
Stretch Assignments

Team Functioning & Performance

Career Break & Return to Work
Succession & Next Career Transitions
Julia’s coaching style is:
Strategic & Forward Looking
Collaborative & Challenging
Commercial & Action Oriented
Coaching benefits include:
Leadership influence & impact
Client relationship & business generation
Effective communication & engagement
Improved team dynamics & performance

Julia is an Accredited Partner of the Smart Collaboration Accelerator, designed to help busy professionals collaborate effectively. 

Developed by Dr Heidi Gardner as a research-based psychometric assessment that, when combined with coaching, helps individuals, leaders and teams understand their behavioural tendencies and turn those behaviours into ‘catalysts’ for Smart Collaboration.

Visit their website

Julia undertakes pro-bono coaching and mentoring with a particular focus to enable minorities greater access and to thrive in the legal professional and business.

Julia is part of the Meyler Campbell NHS Pro-bono Coaching Program.

* The Meyler Campbell Program is accredited by the Association for Coaching, The Law Society and has been awarded the European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and Coaching.

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