ESG – How well equipped are you to help your clients succeed?

Published by The Lawyer

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have rocketed to the top of boardroom agendas. But are law firms taking the right action to help boards and GCs succeed in their sustainable business transitions?

The professional’s guide to Sustainability and ESG

Published by Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland’s Expert Q&A with Julia Hayhoe, founder of Hayhoe Consulting.

Strategic Leadership: Plotting a growth pathway through the pandemic

Published by Global Legal Post

Here we share key reflections and provide 5 areas of focus for leaders, drawing on our work with a range of leaders across professional services, in-house legal and corporates over the last year.

Looking Ahead: Adapting to Changing Client Demands

Published by Fairfax

This Insight draws on our interviews with boards and GCs to outline key client demands shapers and strategic steps to capitalise on the new operating landscape.

Sustainability & ESG: Six tips to help your clients, by Julia Hayhoe

Published by The Lawyer

Law firms can play a pivotal and rewarding role in helping clients achieve sustainable business transformation.

GC Interview of James Berkeley, Unilever by Julia Hayhoe. Why Sustainability Matters.

Published by The Lawyer

Given that sustainability guides our entire business focus, everything I do in my GC role is to advance sustainable business.

GC Interview of Natalia Nicolaides Credit Suisse, by Julia Hayhoe. Why Sustainability Matters.

Published by The Lawyer

Capturing these growth opportunities in a sustainable manner will differentiate the key players.

GC Interview of Rohan Paramesh Habito, by Julia Hayhoe. Why Sustainability Matters

Published by The Lawyer

We are proud to achieve B Corp status and see it as a springboard to broader impact

GC Interview of Rob Booth Crown Estates, by Julia Hayhoe. Why Sustainability Matters.

The Lawyer

Sustainability is culturally driven and law firms ‘wow’ when they reflect that.

GC Interview of Geraldine Copeland-Wright LCN Capital Partners, by Julia Hayhoe. Why Sustainability Matters.

The Lawyer

Growing Investor demands for more transparency in ESG-initiatives and these metrics will play an even more important future role.

Doing Business in a Better World: Law Firms Back Sustainable Development

Published by Global Legal Post

Host of law firm leaders pledge to steer world onto a “more equitable, inclusive and sustainable path”.

Insights from a Chief Strategy Officer

Published by Fairfax

Insights into the role of a Chief Strategy Officer and views on the strategic challenges facing the legal sector.

The 60 Second Interview: Not every lawyer will need to learn to code

Published by The Lawyer

Insights into the role of technology, machine learning and service delivery in the legal sector.

The Law Society Interview – About Julia

Published by The Law Society

The Evolution of Trust in the Era of the Stakeholder Capitalism

Published by Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance
Part of a Baker McKenzie Trust Continuum series

Enduring and sustainable corporate success hinges on trust. But trust is hard won and easily lost. This article explores how organizations can meet new expectations in the era of stakeholder capitalism. For not only their shareholders and investors but all stakeholders, building long-term trust based on purposeful, transparent and consistent actions.

The Trust Continuum - The Changing Face of Leadership

Published by Baker McKenzie

Leadership is crucial to trust building amongst stakeholders and converting good intent into tangible, meaningful organisational change and action. This article considers the crucial role of leadership and trust, by asking: “What are the key dimensions of leadership required to develop trust, enabling businesses to build long-term sustainable value?”

Questions Directors need to ask in the age of Stakeholder Capitalism

Published by The World Economic Forum

Shareholder Capitalism is making way for Stakeholder Capitalism.

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