What leadership capabilities, behaviours and support are required for success in our new operating environment?

Leadership & Organisational Enablement

In a post-pandemic world, leaders are challenged to keep business operating, whilst finding new sources of growth and stakeholder engagement, with reduced investment resources.

Our strategic and leadership framework and review methodology helps leaders navigate a growth pathway through the pandemic, understand the changing stakeholder landscape and develop new ways of behaving and working to implement strategy at pace.

At an organisational level, we design and implement leadership development programmes, align governance, talent pipelines and succession planning to advance the firm’s purpose, strategy and cultural values.

At the leadership team level, we conduct board effectiveness workshops, provide high performance team coaching to build diverse, collaborative and inclusive team dynamics.

At an individual level, our tailored coaching supports leaders at key leadership transition points and stretch assignments.

Julia is a qualified Meyler Campbell executive leader and team coach, and an accredited partner of the Smart Collaboration Accelerator assessment tool developed by Dr Heidi Gardner.


Leadership Capability Development
Board & Leadership Team Effectiveness
Stakeholder Governance
Talent Pipeline & Succession

Performance & Remuneration

Leadership Team & 1: 1 Coaching

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