Where will your business find its next waves of growth and how do you execute at pace?

Strategy & Direction

New market and social dynamics are requiring a fundamental reappraisal of business strategies, working practices and even the purpose of business in society.

These market and societal shifts raise strategic questions about your business purpose, what your clients, talent and broader stakeholders now value, the new sources of available sustainable growth and where to prioritise and invest.

We help you to strategically rethink and review your critical markets, ecosystems, client focus and talent capabilities in this new dynamic and competitive landscape.

We advise on where to invest and divest to achieve your strategy, including most effective routes to growth, be it organic, team acquisition, merger or a form of alliance. Increasingly this includes adjacent capabilities. 

Effective strategy execution is often the hardest challenge in professional services. To ensure effective execution we bring a focus on prioritisation, empowerment, communication and accountability and offer 1:1 leader and leadership team coaching support.


Market, Client & Competitor Research

Strategy Development, Communication & Execution

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Incorporation into Strategy
Strategic Growth Options
Strategic Alliance & Ecosystems

Lateral Team Integration & ROI

As a faculty member of TerraLex’s Leadership Training Program, Julia proved why she is considered one of the world’s leading experts on strategy for professional service organizations.. She worked with our leadership cohorts to share best practices regarding strategic thinking and planning, as well as considerations in light of the rapidly changing environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Julia also provided a very practical lite-touch strategy check-in, that TerraLex members can adapt for their practice, sector, office, and functional leadership teams. Her insights were very thought-provoking for the program participants and spurred them to consider how their firms and individual practices will plan and adapt for the future.

Mrs. Terri Pepper Gavulic

CEO, TerraLex

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