Julia is an accomplished speaker and meeting facilitator. She is available as speaker or facilitator for your business and also for conferences and market forums.

The Economist, Annual Sustainability Week

October 2024

The Economist General Counsel Forum

November 1st 2023

Prioritising ethical leadership in an age of disruption

The Economist General Counsel Summit

November 1st 2022

In business, change is constant. GCs are called upon to scan the horizon for potential threats and opportunities —whether legal, political, technological, social, environmental —while connecting different teams and proactively driving strategic development to deliver success for the business as a whole. The 19th annual General Counsel Summit will examine the major trends that will affect the business world of tomorrow, and discuss how GCs can stay ahead in a fast-moving environment where disruption is the norm.

The TerraLex Global Conference, Oslo

June 8th-11th 2022

Leading a law firm leaders’ workshop, and convening a GC panel on: Sustainability & ESG Market Trends, Opportunities, and Responsibilities

    • Why is Sustainability & ESG top of the corporate Board, investor, and GC agenda?
    • What are the key Board & GC Sustainability & ESG opportunities and challenges?
    • How can law firms help clients create and protect value through the ESG lens?
    • How can law firms approaching their own sustainable, responsible business to make the transition?

The Economist General Counsel Summit

November 2nd 2021

Focuses on how General Counsel can improve business value beyond just managing risk, how they can lead with impact and influence their boards, organisations and ecosystems. Join me moderating panel sessions and great GC panel line ups.

Managing Partners Forum Annual Conference

Strategy Masterclass September 23rd 2021

Strategy in today’s dynamic operating context is tough. It requires extracting yourself from the operational and internal gravitational pull within professional service firms, to enable and challenge the choices and best bets you are placing to deliver on your vison and purpose. This workshop will explore the critical questions for leaders to ask including:

• How is the external world changing in ways not reflected in your strategy?
• Who are your material stakeholders now and how are you engaging with them?
• What does client success look like now and how are you delivering clients’ value?

Law Firm Marketing Summit

October 5th 2021

The forum will bring together managing partners, senior business development and marketing professionals, general counsel and world-class advisers to debate how law firms can best position themselves to thrive in the post-pandemic era. The over-riding theme is one of opportunity: as business development and marketing become ever-more integral to the success of law firms, so does the potential for specialists in these fields to thrive.

The Lawyer Business Leadership Conference Series

As part of the 2021 conference I chaired this General Counsel panel on Choosing the right ESG partner

ESG is on everyone’s radar, this panel discusses what cuts through the noise and what makes clients choose one firm over another to support their focus on ESG and delivering on strategic sustainable growth.  Listen to the video recoding here:

The Lawyer Business Leadership Conference Series

The 2020 Business Leadership Summit focuses on why being a purpose led firm matters now more than ever.

Join me on 29 September 3pm for the webinar I’ll be leading on:

Enabling Client Success to Purpose Driven Sustainable Businesses

The dramatic acceleration of macro trends has placed Purpose, Sustainability and ESG issues top of the corporate board and GC agenda.

What are these key macro trends of concern to clients? How can you help enable clients succeed in their transition to more purpose driven, sustainable businesses? What opportunities, and expectations, does this now present to be considered a legal provider of choice?

Transforming Women’s Leadership in Law Conference Webinars

The 2020 Conference is being held as a series of webinars focusing on how to embed inclusive and diverse leadership and associated cultural change across the legal sector

Join me on 14 October 11am for the webinar I’ll be leading on the Future of Equality, Inclusion & Diversity in the legal sector and the collaborative role the buyers and suppliers of legal services need to play to drive tangible change. 

Panellists include: Sarah Hemsley, General Counsel Selfridges; Simon Zinger, General Counsel, Dentsu Aegis Networks, Daniel Danso, Global Diversity Manager, Linklaters.

The Winkworth Sherwood Workforce Conference

Guest panel speaker. How leaders can refresh and reimagine their strategy for the new operating context.

Join us on 5th November 9am throughout the day.

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